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No 7 advent calendar 1st day

Did I mention I am excited at last I finally get to open it and see what is inside I stayed up till 12 last night and decided to open the No 7 advent calendar and keep the benifit calander for in the morning.


so on the first day of Christmas I got skin illumnator now I have the large version of this product already and I love it, it leaves a great glow to your skin I use this before I put on my primer so this will be perfect for when I am going in holidays as a small bit of this goes a long way.



Of course I am going to compare this to the benefit advent calendar so on the first day no 7wins oh and the writing on the inside of the No 1 was the right way around I did not have to turn the box upside down.





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12 thoughts on “No 7 advent calendar 1st day

  1. It’s only day one and you have already made me wish that I had gotten an advent calendar… of any sort really haha! I was really disappointed FOR you when I saw the paperclips for the Benefit one!!! Looking forward to tomorrow already πŸ™‚ X

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