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Benefit Advent Calendar

I managed to get my hands on the benefit advent calendar priced at €90/£60 ah the drama of getting this calendar there was even tears as I ordered it online with debenhams when it was released at 12.00 I ordered it at 12.03 paid and everything but I than got an email to say they wore sold out now I was already on the waiting lists with benifit but I just had a  feeling something would go wrong so I contacted benfit in debenhams and one of the girls suggested I drop in a deposit and she would put me in there list no48 so I ran into town that day and dropped in €50 but still things went wrong I missed a call from them the day they wore released and of course I had a feeling they would give it away and than when I made my way into town the girl who had the key for the stock room finishes at 4.30 and she was gone home so I had to send someone into town the next day to collect it but as this was all going on I got an email regarding the no 7 advent Calender so thinking I was not going to get the benfit Calender I ordered the no 7 one so of course I now have two beauty calendars sorry for the big moan but I really, really wanted this and have talked about this since last year.


At the moment it has been hid away how I won’t get my hands on it I really can’t wait to open it and of course share it with all of you and see all the 24 presents for each day and of course try out all the different products and shockingly I have never used benefit make-up I know shocking so really looking forward to this one as I have heard and read amazing things about benefit makeup.





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