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Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar Review.

I went into Lush last week I have not been in there in years and decided to treat myself they have there Christmas stock in and I decided to give it a try and went for Holly Golightly bubble bar priced at £4.75/€5.95.


When you pick it up you are covered in glitter which I loved but your are not covered in glitter when you get out get out of the bath and it’s only on the outside of the bar and inside is Christmas green


You break this bubble bar in two and crumble under running water it is kinda hard to break but I managed it and straight away you can smell Christmas the good thing about breaking the bar you can use it again but I did use the whole bar in the bath it’s so relaxing I have to say it was one of the nicest baths I had in a long time.


I used this yesterday and can still smell it on my skin I will be getting this in for Christmas Eve.

I know it’s November and I am talking about Christmas already so I am so sorry but I love Christmas.






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2 thoughts on “Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar Review.

    1. Ah they are amazing just had another bath to night so relaxing and I have never tried lip balms or lip scrubs from lush will be putting them on my shopping list 🙂

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