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New jeans

Ok first of all I have to say sorry for my last post there was all lot of issues with it I am not sure what happened but it’s all fixed now I am blaming my wifi that keeps going down it’s driving me crazy.

So I wasn’t gonna put this post up but after the disaster with my primark/Penneys jeans I know they wore only โ‚ฌ12 but still I only got one wear out of them and they are now in the charity shop bag so I had to admit defeat and buy a another pair of black jeans.


I love River Island Jeans and there not to expensive โ‚ฌ50 but they fit like a glove and don’t keep falling down at my bum which really annoys me why do jeans do that?


Also have to say sorry for the white fluff on jeans not sure what I was thinking putting black jeans on the white rug.




My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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