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Mad About Kimonos

I went a little bit mad buying kimonos on ebay but they wore so cheap I just couldn’t stop myself and they are huge this summer every shop you go into you see kimonos and they are perfect for summer to throw on over a top jeans or a bikini on holidays.

fringed kimono haven’t worn this yet it’s so pretty and it was only £3.99image

imageI am not sure why but this is my favourite Kimono its oversized which I love great for festival as it can also be used as a blanket to sit on I just love it also haven’t worn it yet £4.99.

imageimageIt’s kind of a pinky orangey and cream colour if that makes sense I have worn this with jeans orange vest top and someone even asked me where I got it from but I am not sold on it I think it looks a bit old fashioned I am just not sure £3.68 imageimage

multi colour kimono the front of it is waterfall effect I also have worn this last week it wasn’t a nice day out but it was warm and I wasn’t in the mood to over dress so black jeans black vest and converse and this added a bit of colour £2.99.imageimage

Black flower kimono with fringe it is longer at the back again I haven’t worn this as of yet and it’s £2.99.imageimage

As you can guess by the prices these came from China so there was a postal charge of £25.74 so it all came to £44.38/€57.76 so each kimono cost me £8.87 /€11.55 which I think is great value and it’s cheaper than Primark/Penny’s and last week I was at a concert and a lot of girls had the kimono I got in Primark two weeks ago I was so glad I didn’t wear it.


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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