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My three favourite products from June

I decided to pick three products that really stood out out to me in June also I wanted to pick three products under ten euro.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Shampoo €3.29

Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Conditioner €2.96image

I was nervous trying this product out because of the price I used a cheap shampoo and conditioner before and it ruined my hair it made it greasy it was horrible and I started using Moroccan shampoo and conditioner which is amazing but expensive and than I tried mane n tail which I reviewed before but I ran out of this at the start of June and I was in Tescos and there was a deal on Garnier Ultimate blends two for five euro so I decided to risk it.

I really like both of these products the shampoo lathers well my hair is shinning and feels so soft and it smells amazing and it only cost me five euro and it lasted ages I went to boots to pick them up this time and it was still a great price.

Vaseline Spray and go body moisturiser CoCoa Radiant €6.15image

I tried this moisturiser in America last year and I loved it and I was delighted when I found this in boots I know it’s been out a while but I wanted to wait till I was out of body moisturiser and I was in June I love the cocoa smell and it really lasts and it’s so easy to use just spray and it dries so fast what I really love about this is I can reach it on my back, my back has never felt so moisturised 🙂 and it’s great using it after a day in the sun


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