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Sun cream Review

I have very pale skin and burn very easy and there has been times when I have had to stay in on holidays as I have been burned badly and every year it seems to happen I never seem to learn I knew on this holiday I didn’t want to be badly burned as I was going to a wedding and really didn’t want to look like a lobster or worse be in pain.

So of course I headed to and decided to try out there Soltan range again I wanted a non greasy suntan lotion so I decided to try Soltan Invisible dry touch transparent sun cream spray 50spf 200ml priced at €8.74 now everyone skin is different but I found this  spray brilliant there is a light smell but it really didn’t bother me it dried quickly and it didn’t stain my dress and most importantly I didn’t get burned.20140701-054408-p.m.-63848029.jpg

I also decided to get Soltan face moisturising suncare cream SPF 50 50ml priced at €6.49 again everyone’s skin is different which I think is a very important thing to remember when buying any moisturiser I only used this product once and that was the day of the wedding this cream was great I used this cream let it dry and than put on my primer and than foundation my makeup lasted all night this cream is perfect handbag size and again I didn’t get burned.20140701-054410-p.m.-63850078.jpg


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