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Mad About Revolution Make up

I heard about this budget friendly makeup Revolution make up and I had to check it out on ok I know I said I would not be buying make up online again but there website showed a picture of the lipsticks against someone’s skin tone and it made it so much easier.image Amazing Metals Eye Foil Rose Gold £4 imageimage When I seen this I had to have it, it comes with liquid primer, mixing tray and powder eyeshadow you add small amount of liquid primer and powder and mix together in mixing tray now it said use your finger but I used sponge tip applicator ok it does take a little bit of extra time so you might only do this on special occasions or when you have abit of extra time I was really impressed with this colour is amazing it’s a strong pigment and really stood out.image Out of This World Merged Eyeshadow Starburst £1.50image So this is a black eyeshadow with specs of gold and silver in it the eyeshadow ok the first layer you put on it’s not that black but you can build it up which I like when blending


Out of This World Merged Eyeshadow Moondust £1.50image Again this is a black eyeshadow except there is specs of red and gold I wasn’t sure about this product but the red is really nice and really stands out can’t wait to wear this on Saturday night.image

Amazing Lipgloss Coral £1image This is a very light coral lipgloss now it’s very perfumed I am not mad into the taste of this but I love the colour perfect for summer also it looks great over Bliss and beloved lipstick and it’s only £1 shocking. image Amazing Lipstick Crystal £1image I used this lipgloss today and loved it I normally use a MAC clear gloss and part from the taste I didn’t notice the difference oh and of course the price . Sorry about my nails in this pic being a bit lazy today 🙂 image Amazing Lipstick £1

I can’t believe these lipsticks are £1 it’s shocking these are not as perfumed as the lipgloss of course I am going to compare them to elf make up and these are much superior product not only are they 95p cheaper and they just look better and the colours are much nicer.

1 Depraved  image As soon as I opened this I was in love it is a dark purple it is a winter colour but I will be wearing it over the summer I just love it and it really stands out. image 2 Crime image A really nice dark pink love it perfect for a night out.image 3 Belovedimage Darker Coral lipgloss perfect for summer could wear it day or night it’s really nice colour.image 4 Encore image I don’t really know what colour this is it’s kind of medium pink again you could wear it day or night.image 5 Cheerimage Very light pink I wore this today and it’s perfect for day time I loved this colour it very light which I love for during the day.image 6 Blissimage I would call this orange again I wasn’t sure but I it’s really nice on not a horrible orange colour and this will be perfect with my dress from warehouse.image

I also took a picture of all the colours together 1-5 that’s why I have them numbered.image


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

9 thoughts on “Mad About Revolution Make up

  1. I’ve got the Iconic 3 palette and I love it. I wanted some lipsticks but wasn’t sure what the colours would actually look like, thanks to your swatches I do now! Depraved and Crime look lovely 🙂

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