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Primark Accessories Haul

I was in Penny’s (primark) in swords last week the primark is ok I prefer going to town I think they get better stuff into the Mary street branch anyway I didn’t see any clothes that I liked.

Bikini bag and you also get two smaller bags with it I only got this for the post card bag which it am gonna use as a purse on holidays it’s so cute and bikini bag is always handy €6.imageimageimageimage


pink sunglasses bag/case my sunglasses cases are really big and this is perfect to shove in my bag and it won’t take up to much room €3.image

this is so cute pink butterfly manicure set comes with nail file, nail clippers, nail brush, toe nail dividers and cuticle stick and it comes in a small bag perfect for holidays and it’s so pretty and only € 2.imageimage

I can never leave primark without rings it’s impossible and these three are perfect love, faith and peace all three €1.50.imageimage

when I seen these I nearly done a happy dance I really wanted a cool looking hat for summer and the ones I have seen are either too expensive or I just didn’t like them and I fall in love with these two they come in black and brown didn’t even try to pick between them  just grabbed both they look expensive and they are not €8 each these are my best buy of the year.imageimageimageimage


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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