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Elf make up haul

So elf make up wore doing 50% off last week and of course I had to buy something this will be my last elf make up haul I know it’s amazingly cheap but some of the quality of the products are pretty much crap I have already thrown products I purchased in the bin because they broke.

blending wedges £1.95 image

i haven’t used these yet and I am not sure I will they look dirty I am planning on cleaning my brushes tomorrow so I might clean them also and they are also very very small.

Studio body shimmer cosmic coral £3.95


Again very small for a body shimmer this is nice there is a nice shimmer off it and I used it on my cheeks on Sunday and it was nice.


Therapeutic conditioning lip balm blackberry crime £1.95


imageI liked this product my lips sometimes get very dry and this product done what it says my lips felt conditioned it’s very perfumed but it also says that on the product.

Moisturising Lipstick flirty and fabulous £3.95


i liked the case on this lipstick it looks a more expensive I like the colour it’s very bright pink but I love pink so I didn’t mind.image

Wet clear lash and brow clear mascara £1.95


i know you are asking why would you want a clear mascara I am going on holidays and I alway get my eyelashes tinted so I think this product is perfect for in the day just to give my eyelashes some volume .

Studio Matte Lip Colour tea rose £3.95


this is not the colour I was expecting not sure what I was expecting but not this but it’s ok just not really a summer colour.

imageLip Lock Pencil £3.95

imagethis product broke the first time I used kind of managed to fix it but annoyed me so basically a primer for your lips never used a primer for my lips before so wanted to try it can’t say I noticed any difference on Saturday night .

Hypershine Lip gloss sugar plum £1.95

imagelight plum lip gloss again a bit of a winter colour don’t like the taste of this one but it’s a fine product.


I am not good at buying make up on line the colours look different I better at going in and seeing the colours again elf is very cheap and I did like some of the products  but if I seen most of these in a shop I wouldn’t buy them the only product so far I would buy again is the conditioning lip balm I really like this product also I read over what I wrote and realised I said its fine, ok  and I don’t mind it when I buy make up I want to be using amazing brilliant love it and really couldn’t with most of these products.


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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