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Sleek Make-up Haul

Boots was doing a three  for two on make-up last week so I decided to try out sleek make-up.


The packaging is plain black with sleek written a cross it all of the products are perfect size for traveling and come with a good size mirror it’s simple and sturdy packaging.


Blush by 3 €12.99


There are 8 different palettes to choose from I decided on Pink Lemonade you get two powder blushes and one cream blush the blushes are highly pigmented and glide on to the skin easily  and have great staying power and lasted most of the day.

1, Pink Mint light Rose Gold with slight shimmer

2,  Macaroon cream blusher

3, icing suger deep golden pink.


Corrector and Concealer Palette with SPF setting powder €6.49

imageThis comes in 5 different palettes as I am very pale I went for 01 which suited my skin perfect a few weeks ago I tried out Fuschia palette and as I said it would be a bit of a waste but with sleek make-up is just perfect.     1, Corrector camouflages dark circles.

2, Concealer conceal blemishes

3, setting power sets concealer.


Again this is product is amazing I loved it, it feels very light on and lasted the whole day and it blended easily I preferred the concealer in this than I did Fuschia palette as it wasn’t as heavy in my skin.

Face Contour Kit €6.49


 There are 3 different palettes to choose from again I went for the light.

1, silky matte great for contouring

2, illuminating highlighter.


Again I loved this product it blends easily and lasted all day.

Face Form Contouring Blush Palette €12.99


You have 4 palettes to choose from again I went for light one I didn’t really go into much detail about the face contour kit as this is the same product except you get a blush with this now I loved this product it made contouring easy.

1, Counter Powder ok this looks very dark but it isn’t as dark and it blends easily.

2, Highlighter there is a shimmer in this but I loved it, it gave my skin a lovely gold.

3, Blush Rose gold a great summer blush.


I got this last week and have been using it every day I love it.

Bronze Block €9.49


You have to 2 bronzers to choose again I went for the light one there is a lovely shimmer in this I am going to buy the darker one so I can use it with fake tan on a night out I always use too faced bronzer which is more expensive and I always break bronzers and blushers so this perfect for me as if I break it I know I didn’t spend a lot of money on it.image


Brow Kit €9.99


You have 4 brow kits to choose from I went for dark I normally use jane iredale brow kit which is €24.50 put it this way that kit is going in the bin. The sleek brow kit is amazing HD brow without going to a salon the wax is pigmented and you get setting powder two brushes and a useless tweezers which is in the bin it’s easy to use and my brows look amazing.



over all I am very impressed with sleek make up its great value for money for a good quality make up.


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

8 thoughts on “Sleek Make-up Haul

  1. I recently bought three Blush by 3 palettes (including pink lemonade) and the Face Form palette in medium. Haven’t tried the blushes yet but I’m loving the Face Form palette! I got all of my Sleek things when Boots were doing 3 for 2 as well, such a great offer!

  2. Great post! I only have the pink lemonade blush palette so far and really want to try the contour and concealer ones so will definitely go and pick those up! X

  3. I love Sleek make-up! Budget friendly and great value! I have the pink lemonade and I use it everyday! Love it! Seen some bits in your review that I will be looking to try 🙂 thank you x

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