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Primark, New look & Schuh Haul

I done a small bit of shopping on Tuesday I love shopping mid week as the shops are not as packed and you can really look around Penny’s (Primark) I went into Mary street Penny’s which I think is the best Penny’s to go to and I was a small bit disappointed I really didn’t see any clothes that wore great I went in looking for a bag I seen and they didn’t have it which is a little disappointing but I’ll try agin next week.


First up brown sandals I have a pair kind of like these already I got them last year and they are so comfortable perfect with maxi dresses €15.image

imageI know have these in nude and in black but when I seen them in cream I had to have them again they are so comfortable €12.image

I always buy rings when I am in penny’s I just can’t help it but I was very good and I only picked up one and it’s only €2.



I am the person that always slags people off about bumbags fannypacks ah that still makes me laugh but I am changing my mind and seen this monochrome bumbag and had to have it €7.




I was drawn to this top straight away I love the colours and pattern perfect for summer €22.99 £17.99




I love skechers they are so comfy but they don’t look nice and I only wear my runners for going for a walk I wouldn’t wear them into town I just don’t like the look of them but I seen theses skechers and loved them they look like boat shoes and they are so cute they only had them in red I would of loved them in blue they are the on the go Skechers they weigh nothing they are so light perfect for shoving in a suitcase for holiday if your planning on doing a bit of sight seeing they are €62 www I got these in Schuh in the jervis centre and the girl who served me was so helpful and friendly so if your looking for a new pair of runners you should try Schuh.  imageimage


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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