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Amazing Gel Cleanser

Melting gel cleanser by No 7 priced at €11.75 has to be one of my favouite products at the moment it really is amazing I am in in love with this product and enjoy using is I feel like I am giving my skin a real treat. image I rub a small amount straight onto my face and and massage the product in I have very warm hands so the product kind of heats up as I rub it in and really does feel like all your make-up and grime from the day is melting away and than i splash a small amount of water and the product lathers up and I massage it into my skin and than I rinse my face my skin feels amazing so soft and radiant perfect for getting your skin ready to put on make-up as it always leaves your skin glowing and unlike some facial washes it does not leave your skin feeling tight. It has a very strong perfumed smell but I like a strong scent and it does stay with you after rinsing your face.


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