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Make-Up Brush Cleaning Made Easy

My make up brushes needed to be cleaned badly and I kept putting it off it takes so long when using shampoo or facial cleanser when I was cleaning last week I found Blendercleaner solid by beauty blender which I purchased in sephora when I was on holidays in America priced at $15.95.

I really wish sephora would come to Ireland I loved this shop and there products are amazing I love there eye shadows.image

This product is so easy to use it looks like soap and comes in a little dish I just stood by my sink rinsed each brush in warm water and than lathered up each brush by rubbing it in the soap I didn’t take the soap out of the dish and I did have to stop a few times and rinse the soap out  and than rinsed each brush and placed each brush on a towel and left to dry at the end I took the soap out and drained any excess water out.image

This cleaning product removes excess residue and germs it really got deep down and removed all product from the brushes I was shocked at how much make-up came out of some of my brushes. I cleaned all my brushes and it looks like I bearly used it and it’s travel size so perfect to bring on holidays but haven’t said that I know I wouldn’t wash my brush on holidays as I said I can be a bit lazy about these things.image


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6 thoughts on “Make-Up Brush Cleaning Made Easy

  1. I wish Sephora would come over to Ireland too!!! 😦 Brillant post btw! What makeup brushes do you use?

    1. I use a mix of brushes I have a Bobbie brown set I got for Christmas but I mainly use brushes I got in a groupon deal and I love them and for foundation I have been using a beauty blender sponge I got in sephora but boots also stock them but I just got an Eco tools foundation and concealer brush from boots and was very impressed. 🙂

      1. I love the beauty blender-but have you tried the Real Techniques version way better!! and cheaper 🙂 Eco Tools are also a brilliant brand for making makeup brushes, have to agree with you

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