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Mad About my Wardrobe

This week I decided I had to get organised which to me means cleaning out and organising my wardrobe two years ago I decided to turn the spare room into a walk in wardrobe dreams really do come true 🙂 and I was sick and tired of having bags and bags of shopping bags filled with clothes all over the place.

I really wanted to share pictures and also share ideas as when I was thinking of doing this I spent a lot of time looking at people’s wardrobe’s and a lot of time in ikea.

So the clean up began early Wednesday morning and I decided to move everything out of the room how I could really give it a good clean out I have to say it wasn’t really that dirty but I just wanted to give it a good scrub and I didn’t want any cleaning products getting on my clothes I am not going to lie I was kind of shocked how much clothes and handbags and I know I could give things to charity but I love all my clothes at the moment and I know I am a hoarder I can admit it.imageimageimage

As you can see can see way to much stuff 🙂

So I decided to take pictures of the room empty how you can see what type of space it is everything came from ikea and it had to be screwed into the walls I did try having just rails but they collapsed a few times.

Left wall

imageMiddleRight wall 

imageI like to use all the same hangers which are eighty cent for four hangers again ikea.image

Shoe or handbag boxes are €10 for pack of 4 these are great for keeping good shoes and handbags in.imageimage

Of course I just have to show you my baby as I call it my Prada handbag.image

I got these boxes two years ago in Primark and have not seen them in Primark since.

Clothes covers set of 3 for €13image

Box with lid the small ones are €6 and larger ones are €16.imageimage

the smaller ones I use to keep silly accessories stuff from Halloween, Christmas, Patricks day.image

The larger boxes I use for swimwear and winter accessories.image

The shoe rack is from Argos this goes on top I would call it the box it’s where the stairs is in the house if that makes sense.image

imageSo now I am going to show the pictures of everything going back into my room by this time I was regretting ever doing this I was wrecked.

Left wallimage

The best way to see it is to break it down into sections.



The top two shelves are for handbags the third shelve is tops forth is day dress and jeans fifth is jumpers and the bottom section is boxes.

left wall

imageimageThe middle and outer part are hand bags top shelve is shorts and tops shelve no 2 is handbags these are good hand bags but they won’t fit into the boxes shelve no three is perfume I have not opened yet purses sun glasses good jewellery shelves no 4 and 5 summer dresses the bottom shelve is box.

Right wallimage

imageimageimageFirst section shoes than long hanging space and top shelve clutch bags.

Right wall

imageimageimageThis section is split into two rails lower rail tops and blazer and top rail short coats the top section is again boxes.

The full length mirror and jewellery box from markettown for €109 I ordered this with the first mirror I got was broken the second mirror or magic mirror as it’s now called in my house as the further you stand back the skinner you are but I love the jewellery section in it.imageimage image

Also the stool is a vintage piano stool which was polished white and reupholstery.



My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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