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Mad About Handcream

imageAt the moment I am slightly obsessed about Handcream I love the smell and the way it makes my hands feel but I change my handbag nearly everyday so I always forget my Handcream so I am always  buying another one. Because I forget to carry the hand cream with me in the day time I have been mainly using it at night it’s now part of my nightly routine I did try sleeping with gloves but it didn’t work out. Over the last week I have tried the four different brands. image  First up Sanctuary hand cream with Shea butter and sweet almond oil  30ml €4.25 I love the size of the product perfect handbag size it’s a strong scent the cream sinks in quickly and is not greasy the next morning my hands wore slightly softer and there was still a slight scent on my hands. imageDove Nourishing hand cream with Shea butter and warm vanilla 75 ml €4.19 so this product is cheaper and you get more product and it’s still perfect for handbag size this is non greasy and also sinks in quickly . I loved the smell of this cream and the next morning my hands wore noticeable softer and I could still slightly smell the product on my hands. image   Gariner hand intensive 7 day cream with L-Bifidus and Shea butter 100ml €3.89 so it’s cheaper than sanctuary and dove and you get more product I still think it’s a good hand bag size. This product took the longest to seep in but that didn’t bother me it did annoy me when I was in work it’s i light scent and it just smells clean which I like . This cream disappointed me. I loved the package liked the smell but the next morning my hands wore not as soft as the other creams and there was no scent on my hands.imageCien moisturising hand cream with almond oil and Shea butter 100ml from lidl and at the moment it’s 99c this product is the largest and cheapest it’s not exactly hand bag friendly. It’s a nice light scent and also my favourite scent of all four it did take a little longer to dry in again it didn’t really bother me this product was my favourite by far my hands wore so soft the next morning and I could still smell the product the next day my only moan would be the size i would prefer it in 75ml nice hand bag size but at that price I really can’t moan.

I also want to mention I didn’t google about the products but the sanutuary product is the only one that states it’s against animal testing it’s something I didn’t want to look into as I know I would freak out I just felt I should point this out as it is very important.


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