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Primark Haul

Well I finally got to look around the clothes section in penny’s (primark) in swords and I was a little bit disappointed there was only one thing I really loved and I have to fall in love with an item of clothing I know that sounds strange and very dramatic but I am like that with clothes and of course sometimes we even have dramatic break-ups 🙂

So I finally got my hands on a midi bright pink skirt on SALE it was €15 reduced to €5 could not believe it I have been on the look out for this skirt for a month now so I was shocked to see it on sale.


Black shoes with chain detail €11 I was planing on staying away from dark colours but these shoes really stood out and I think they look expensive.


imageAs I was walking around pennys my friend pointed this bag out and said it matches your skirt and I knew I had to have it I am trying not to buy bags at the moment as I have a handbag addiction I adore them after all handbag never makes you feel fat and always fits you and this bag was only €13 so I really couldn’t say no.



I love rings and always pick them up in penny’s and I decided to get them in both silver and gold I love the midi rings at moment I think the finish your look off I love small little details that add a statement to an outfit and these are perfect

€1.50 each


€ 3.00 each


Statement necklace €5 this necklace is perfect way to dress up a plain t-shirt.



i also booked Barcelona today for a friends wedding in June so its a perfect excuse to pick up sun glasses again these round frames stood out and they are €2.

imageAnd of course I had to get a case for my sunglasses and I loved the design on this case and it’s €3.


The last thing I picked up was also a sale item it was€5 and it was reduced to €2 make up bag i just think this is so cute I love the bow.




My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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