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Elf Make-up Haul

My second elf package arrived late last week and I was so excited to get home from work to try all the products out and I only paid £20.13 including delivery shocking and I got money off as well.


First up lipstick priced at £1.50 and jumbo lip gloss stick priced at£2.50



The top lipstick is called posh it’s a dark red colour and I really like it the next colour is called nostalgic it’s nude colour this is my favourite lipstick I love this colour next up is sociable its very bright pink and than the jumbo lips gloss pink umbrellas very light pink perfect for day time.

Studio Glitter Gloss £3.75


imageThis is a perfect travel size product fuchsia fireworks and looks great over the pink lipstick.

Studio conditioning lip balm SPF 15 £3.38 and lip balm tint £2.50



The top one is a peach and perfect for day time and than the bottom one is mellow melon I love the fact it has an SPF in it.

dramatic lash kit £1.50


I really liked these eyelashes wore them out on Saturday night and even used the glue with them they stayed on all night and came off easy great value would buy them again.

Eyeliner and shadow stick priced at £3.38




This colour is black/smoke and also used this on Saturday night and was easy to use and liked the product.

waterproof eyeliner crayon £3. 75.



this colour is called gunmetal haven’t tried this product out yet but liked the look of it will try it out next time.

Mineral Glow £7

imagethis is the shimmer also used this product on Saturday night on my cheeks I didn’t really notice any difference so am not really sure maybe I didn’t use enough of the product.

Over all I am very happy these products and these prices are amazing I love the lipsticks but they are little bit overly perfumed and the eyelash are great product will be ordering more.


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

7 thoughts on “Elf Make-up Haul

  1. Oh I wish I could use the false eyelashes but I am allergic to the glue all of them use, great post, thanks for all the info, how have you got on with the lip balm now you have been using it awhile ?

    1. The lip balm is great have been using it all week in work it’s real handy I have been using it instead of my pocket size vasline which I was addicted to and I love the fact it’s SPF 15.

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