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ELF Haul

I have seen this make-up on another blog and because it was so cheap I decided to give it a go I am a bit of make-up snob if I am honest I love mac and urban decay so I decided to be brave and try it out there was no way I would order foundation I just couldn’t do it.


first up is HD Blush at £3.75  this is a liquid blush I always use powder blush but they keep smashing on me my Bobbi brown one broke last week ah I nearly cried anyway the colour is very strong pink and you really would only use a tiny tiny bit as it is that strong.



I don’t know if I would recommend this if I am honest I had to redo my make-up after putting it on as it was so strong but next time I would use it sparingly and I will give it a second chance.

All over cover stick in lemonade 1.50 I would call this a stick blush again I only have ever used powder blush .


imageOk i am not going to lie my make up snobbery came out looking at this product it looked cheap and it is cheap £1.50  but I shocked myself because I love it. Its not to strong it blends easy I did not have to redo my make-up and there is a nice glow to it.

eyebrow treat and tame £3.75 I was excited by this product I was really looking forward to trying it out again I would use a powder on my eyebrows.


Ok this comes in two sections I would call this the treat section as it treats your eyebrows not sure how anyway i liked this section it I don’t think it really done anything.

imageOk so this is the tame section and it’s like mascara brush now I would use a make-up brush normally for my brows again I had an issue with the mascara brush it kept getting on my skin I kinda like the product the first time I used it I just did’t think it was vivid enough I did try it again but I put a bit of powder on as well one thing I did notice my eyebrows went a bit hard like I had hairspray on them it didn’t bother me i will use this product again.

Lipstick fearless £1.50 this is a slightly bright red lipstick i tried it on but didn’t wear it out as of yet.

imageimageThe lipstick looks like it’s going to be brighter than it is I wasn’t mad into the taste of it it was kind of strong as I haven’t worn it out I can’t tell you if it is long lasting.

High definition powder £6 ok so this was the more expensive product again I was looking forward to trying this out.


imageI went with the colour shimmer I used my primer as always and used it on my cheeks and chin and and I also really liked it, it gave a nice glow to my skin and I will be using this again.

To order any of these product go to I was not impressed with delivery time I ordered these products on the 6th February and they wore dispatched on the 7th February which sounded great but I only received them on the 17th so was a bit to long for my liking but haven’t said that I had a really bad week last week loads of drama and I received an e-mail from them with 50% off and ended up ordering more make-up before even receiving these products shopping cheers me up.


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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