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Love Sasha haul

Ok so I am back shopping I am not sure why I even believed I could do it  and in January its depressing enough with out been able to shop.

I was randomly looking around the internet for a faux fur cape and found one on I really wanted the black cape but they wore sold out so I went for the camel cape instead.

The cape arrived yesterday and I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home from work to try it on and I wasn’t disappointed.

imageimageThe cape is £ 59.99 so I wasn’t really expecting much but I was very surprised by the quality it looks expensive now its not very warm and there is only one hook at the top and I am thinking I might put in a few more how it doesn’t blow open but apart from that I love it.


My name is carol I love fashion, beauty, books and travel so I will be keeping you updated on my love of fashion and life. Any questions please contact me on

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