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River Island Shoe Sale

The River Island show sale has started, I’d say the main sale will start this week to.

This month, I can only window shop so here our my top picks:

Green jewel embellished sandals they wore €87.00 now €35.00 click here to buy 

Yellow floral black heel they wore €55.00 now €24.00 click here to buy 

Blue mules but i would call them sandals they wore €51.00 now €20.00 click here to buy 

Navy espadrilles, I love espadrilles I find them so comfortable they wore €30.00 now €12.00 click here to buy 

Happy Shopping

Lots of love

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Why do sales always start when you have no money, it’s so unfair.

I spent my lunch break dreaming of what I would buy, if I had money so i decided to share my top picks.

Wrap dress in mixed print, I have had my eye on this dress for a while it was €41.40 now €29.03 click here to buy .

Ruffle front cami maxi dress was €48.39 now €33.87 click here to buy .

Off the shoulder midi dress was €40.39 now €24.19 click here to buy .


    Happy Shopping

        Lots of Love



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River Island Sale

I love sale’s and I would say I check the River island sale section nearly every day, just to see if there is anything new added.

This week I did buy a jumpsuit in petite, I love when I find a jumpsuit in petite as I don’t have to pay extra to get it taken up it was €94 now €30.00 .


Happy Shopping

Lots of love



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Zara Haul

I went a little mad in Zara last week, I ended up buying six dress now they are for my holidays so I don’t feel to bad.

When I ordered them online, I was expecting that I would be sending maybe two back but I loved them all and can’t wait to wear them.

striped midi dress €39.95


striped jumsuit dress €49.95


creased affect dress  €49.95

1639099305_1_1_1Striped off the shoulder dress €49.95

4043095400_1_1_1Floral print linen tunic €49.95 its out of stock at the moment


Polka dot dress €49.95 3048194017_1_1_1

The polka dot dress is my favorite, its very pretty woman.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love



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Zara Shirt Dress

Around Christmas I fell out of love with blogging, I’m not really sure why but I decided I just didn’t want to do it anymore.
I carried on posting pictures on Instagram but I started missing blogging so I’ve decided to give it another shot but this time I’m not going to worry about stats and putting up posts on time.

Last weekend was the bank holiday weekend and it was also sunny so I got to wear my new dress, I got it for my holiday which isn’t till September. It’s a Zara Mustard shirt dress and its €39.95 click here to buy, as the buttons go to the side its very flattering on. I wore it with basket bag that I picked up last year in the Zara sale.


On Thursday evening, I also went into just look at runners and of course I ended up buying a pair of Adidas Superstars priced at €94.00 click here to buy I really wanted a pair trainers that I could wear with a dress and these are perfect.


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Lots of Love



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Birthday Outfit

Last weekend was my Birthday and of course I went out for dinner with the girls, which of course means a new outfit.

Well kind of new outfit, I got this jumpsuit in the sale in River island all the way back in August and as soon as i got it, I was like thats my birthday outfit sorted.

This is a culotte jumpsuit but on me its just a jumpsuit, that fits me. Its also dark green but looks black in all the pictures.



Now you can see how short I am, as its nearly at the models knees.

We want for dinner in Tuscana in Temple bar the food was yum and the staff wore so friendly, I didn’t really take any pictures, which is not like me. I do have one picture of my main, which was steak.


I have to say, I was spoiled rotten on the Sunday and had a lovely day of just chilling in front of the TV. img_3759

Happy Friday,

Lots of Love,


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River Island Sale

I am always telling people to check the River Island sale section regularly, as they add items to it and if you order now you will get it in time for Chrismas. Also you might find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Another tip is if you get it delivered to the shop there is no delivery charge.

Perfect heels for New Years night they wore €80.00 now €30.00 click here to buy img_3784

These heels and perfect with a black dress wore €73.00 now €30.00 click here to buy


River Island Devet set in double was €55.00 now €18.00 click here to buy , they also have it in single was €40.00 now €12.00 click here to buy . Any teenage girl would love this,  sure I would love it now for my bedroom.

Grey check bow dress was €87.00 now €30.00 click here to buy .

Silver bow dress was €87.00 now €30.00 click here to buy .

Brown mongolian wool scarf was €75.00 now €24.00 click here to buy

Grey roll neck slogan jumper and it was €55.00 now €24.00 click here to buy .


Happy Shopping,

Lots of Love,

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Zara Party Season

I just love December, I love getting dressed up for a night out and lets be honest in December you have alot of nights out.

So nights out mean a new outfit is needed and at Christmas you always need something with the wow factor and Zara are just killing it at the moment, so here are some of my favourite outfits.

I love this zara dress and it would be perfect for Christmas day or a night out and its €49.95 click here to buy 


This outfit is a skirt and a top, so you could add black jeans/leather trousers or a black top with the skirt if you have a few christmas partys on. The top is €59.95 click here to buy the skirt is €69.95 pre order now .


I love doing something a little different than a dress and this velvet culottes suit is perfect the velvet jacket with sash belt is going to show off you waist perfect and its €69.95 click here to buy and velvet culottes are €39.95 click here to buy .


Sequinns jumpsuit lets be honest you are going to stand out from the crowd in this one and its prized at €89.95 click here to buy 


Maybe you already have the perfect outfit at home and our just looking to up-date it with the perfect clutch.

embroidered clutch €39.95 click here to buy


Feather cross body €15.95 click here to buy 


Happy Shopping,

Lots of Love,



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Look Fantastic Advent Calender Day One to Four

Can you belive its December it really has just flown by.

I was so excited on Friday to finally get to open the Look Fantastic advent calendar, it really is very pretty the packaging is amazing. I was really hoping the products in it wore going to be as amazing as the packaging.


Day one Illamasue lipstick


Day two Ciate London Fierce Flick


Day three Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox


Day four First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream


So far the look fantastic advent calender has not disapointed me at all. I am looking forward to going home in the evening and opening an new box.

Lots of love